Welcome To Wisteria Landscapers

Welcome To Wisteria Landcapers

Wisteria Landscapers is a design-build landscaping company located in Washington, D.C. We serve residential, commercial, institutional and public clients throughout the Washington Metropolitan Region. Our services include Landscape Design and Installation for:

  • Patios, drives, walks/paths, & steps
  • Creative plantings
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Decks, porticos, trellises, & arbors
  • Specialized tree care (Arboriculture)
  • Tree removal
  • Amenity selection and coordination
  • Seasonal maintenance services
  • Water features
  • Special event preparation
  • Urban/public space beautification
  • Additional services on a case-by-case basis

Some of the communities that we currently provide full design-build services to include:

  • Capitol Hill, DC
  • Georgetown, DC
  • NW, DC
  • NE, DC
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Arlington, VA
  • Falls Church, VA
  • McLean, VA
  • Bethesda, MD
  • Chevy Chase, MD
  • Hyattsville, MD
  • Potomac, MD
  • Silver Spring, MD


  • Washington DC-Area Landscaping Services

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    Patios, Drives, Walks/Paths, Steps & More
    Creative Plantings
    Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems
    Landscape Lighting
    Decks, Porticos, Trellises, Arbors, & More
    Specialized Tree Care (Arboriculture)
    Amenity Selection and Coordination
    Water Features
    Maintenance and Seasonal Services
    Special Event Preparation

    Wisteria Landscapers strives to truly listen to each customer.  We want to fully understand your desires, thereby allowing us to focus on meeting the objectives of your project.  Our design process will ensure you receive a high-end landscape design and installation, with total unsurpassed quality and value-added service. Softscape Formal, classical, cottage style, or native natural – whatever your style is, we will work hand in hand with you to bring wonder and joy to your property by developing unique garden landscapes and soothing outdoor living spaces.  By combining your landscape needs with plants that are site-specific and thrive naturally in our climate, our goal is to create inviting long-term plant communities that are ecologically sound.  Such landscapes need less pesticide and chemical fertilizer, require less watering and attract more beneficial birds and insects instead of pests.  This approach promotes the continued health of your landscape and our environment. Hardscape The skillful arrangement of landscape features such as flagstone walkways, cedar plank terraces, artful lighting and calming pools of water, provides an elegant frame for the softer elements of your landscape.  Material selection will compliment the architecture of your home or building, respond to its context and can even assist in reducing rainwater runoff.  Larger sites, especially commercial or institutional properties, can even reduce permitting and stormwater management requirements by integrating certain types of permeable hardscape materials.
    Entering a beautiful garden or landscaped lawn by way of a well-worn path, the trip becomes as meaningful as the destination.  Our paths and walkways gently lure you into a leisurely journey among the beckoning trees and landscape plants. Wisteria Landscapers can also use brick pavers, cobles, bluestone or similar materials for your driveway, patio, steps or terraces to make the functional spaces around your home have an inviting and elegant presence.
    Our creative planting designs offer year round pleasure by providing something of interest in each of the four seasons – from flowering plants throughout spring and summer to fall foliage in autumn and good structural qualities and textures in winter.
    When plants in our landscape do not receive enough water, some kind of irrigation becomes necessary to keep landscapes healthy and attractive. However, portable sprinklers and manual hose-watering are not just a hassle, but they waste water. If you want to conserve water and still keep things alive through dry periods, Wisteria Landscapers can design and install anything from a basic irrigation system to a computer controlled, smart irrigation system with a rain gauge, soil moisture meter, custom watering zones and timing. Wisteria Landscapers will make sure that each planting area in your landscape gets just the right amount of water at just the right time. Drip irrigation, or better yet, individual soil mounted plant nozzles can further increase water conservation where applicable. Proper irrigation will save you time, ensure the long-term health of your landscape investment and is better for the environment than manual watering. Wisteria Landscapers has experience installing irrigation systems of all sizes, for all sorts of clients in the Washington DC Area, Virginia, and Maryland.
    Have you noticed how often daylight ends before you manage to get home to relax?  Since your home is your biggest investment, you should be able to enjoy it 24 hours a day.  Transform your property into a warm, welcoming, resort-like environment your whole family can enjoy all day and night, every day of the year, with landscape lighting. Landscape lighting enhances the safety and security of your home and garden while increasing your property value.  Safety includes highlighting elevation changes or obstacles for the convenience of your family and guests.  It also means eliminating the hard shadows where unwanted visitors may hide.  As professional landscape lighting designers and installers, we can blend your home and landscape into a breathtaking mural of peaceful repose - for everyone but the uninvited. We can transform your home into a brilliant visage by properly placing fixtures so that they cannot be seen day or night.  You should notice their effect, not the actual fixtures.  Camouflaging fixtures from view also protects them from playing children, pets and lawn care equipment. Hence, focusing on the effect rather than the fixtures ensures trouble-free, dramatic impact for years to come.  A lovely landscape deserves the best lighting. Here are some of the ways Wisteria can help you illuminate your landscape:   Path and spread lighting -illuminates a garden path, using fixtures 2' high or less Accent and deck lighting - provides interest in your nightscape, safely lighting deck steps & special garden areas Grazing - lighting to accent textured surfaces such as stucco and stone walls Uplighting - provides dramatic effects when used to highlight a tree, artwork or sculpture Downlighting & moonlighting- light cast downward from a tree through its branches to landscape features below creates shadows for natural effects Post lighting - accentuate key areas by installing light fixtures intermittently at fence posts along driveways, property boundaries, boat docks, or on stand-alone posts
    Landscape lighting products for the Washington D.C. area. Whether you are creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your home or providing safety, accessibility and security for a commercial or government project, Wisteria Landscapers will work with you to provide the best possible fixtures for your requirements.  We strive to use the finest products made of the highest quality materials.  Cheaper materials and processes are available, but may not provide the same level of corrosion-resistance, specification tolerances and product longevity.  Many fixtures are available in solid brass, bronze, copper or stainless steel construction.  These solid base materials provide additional corrosion resistance and exude a warmth and splendor unlike any painted finish.
    Decks not only provide a cozy spot to entertain family and friends or to simply relax, but also use their aesthetic and functional qualities to make the transition from your home to your landscape, while raising your property’s value.  Porticos can compliment or match the architecture of your home or other structure, and offer an elegant space for car or pedestrian arrival, parking, or entertaining.  Trellises can be used to screen unsightly areas or bring attention to a wall or face of a building.  They can facilitate the inclusion of large areas of plant material where horizontal space is at a minimum.  Arbors make unique gateways to gardens or lawns, and can be used in conjunction with patios, terraces and decks to offer filtered shade, and in some cases shelter from weather.  Combining climbing vines with any of these structures gracefully integrates the architecture of your property with its landscape.
    Arboricultural services Unhealthy trees can threaten even the most serene setting.  Stressful conditions such as disease or storm damage can weaken tree’s limbs and attack its root system, leading to its demise and potential property damage. As a full-service tree company, we have the expertise to restore the health of all your trees.  Our long-term, holistic approach to tree, shrub and vine care emphasizes the natural promotion of plant health, using disease-symptom applications only as a last resort. Our arboricultural services include: Diagnosis and evaluation of plant stresses, disease and decay Innovative disease and pest control programs Detailed tree conservation programs Deadwood removal Weak and diseased branch removal Tree removal from delicate, difficult or dangerous sites Proper tree fertilization, including vertical mulching Shaping Organic-only programs Woodland, old field and meadow restoration Exotic invasive control of poison ivy, vines, multiflora rose and weed trees Lightning protection systems for trees within 25 feet of dwellings Tree sling and cable installation for weak branches
    Just like the rooms inside your home, your landscape isn’t complete until the proper furniture, amenities and decorative touches have been selected and placed.  What’s a pool-side patio without a chaise lounge or a new deck without an outdoor dining set?  Our professionally trained staff of designers and architects are here to assist you with anything from the design and installation of your outdoor kitchen or fireplace, to furniture selection and arrangement, even down to the finishing touches of planters, pots, and unique garden or patio decorative pieces.
    Experience the calming force and exotic beauty that water brings to a garden. Water features provide both important focal points and soothing sounds in your garden. Aquatic and marsh plants, and perhaps a koi or two, add color and drama. Our waterscape designs range from simple reflection ponds and relaxing fountains to more complex meandering streams, splashing waterfalls and large recreation pools.  Some of the specific water features we are happy to create for you include: Swimming pools
    Reflections pools Ornamental ponds Recirculating streams Dry stream beds
    Specialty features
    While Wisteria Landscapers does not generally provide routine lawn care such as weekly mowing, we do provide our clients with the special assistance required to keep a valuable landscape healthy and looking its best.  Storm damage, winter snows, fall leaf accumulation and overgrown trees and shrubs are just some of the things that compromise the appearance and integrity of a landscape.  Also, as winter comes to an end each year, the annual spring landscaping chores can be overwhelming for many home owners or general staff at larger facilities.   To assist you in these seasonal or periodic landscape requirements we offer the following services: Perennial bed care Weed and debris removal Annual planting Mulching Fertilizing Edging Pond and fountain maintenance Fall leaf collection Proper pruning General maintenance Specialized tree care
    Do you have a special event coming up at your home, business or other facility that requires modifications to the landscape or temporary landscape features and décor?  Such events may include weddings, receptions, embassy parties, galas, balls or reunions.  Our designers and installation staff will work with you to develop the perfect temporary indoor/outdoor landscape and living décor for such occasions.  Please contact us for further information to discuss your specific needs, as each event is unique in nature. 
    If you can dream it, we can find a way to do it!  Our network of expert tradespersons and artisans will take your visions for the truly unique and exceptional components of your landscape and translate them into beautifully crafted elements specific to your tastes, architectural style and functional requirements.  While by no means comprehensive, some such elements may include the following: Customized architectural features Ironwork Expert carpentry Fireplace and fire-feature installations Commissioned outdoor art & sculpture


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    Steps look great, we are still getting compliments, notable from other tradesmen. We had painters in a few weeks ago and the project manager was really quite taken with the work, I naturally passed on your details.

    We are not members of Angie's list, are you by any chance looking for a live reference? If that's the case matey don't hesitate to give them my 202 number, I answer the phone for a living remember. One more occasional call to say some positive things about the work you've done here will not kill me.

    Also still need to say thanks for the kind Christmas gift from Wisteria, it's flattering to think we are valued customers of somebody :)

    Thank you,

    We both want to take the time to thank you for all the great work. Total professionalism in a contractor is something unheard of these days. I must admit, I wasn't on board with a totally new landscape for our front yard but the way in which you incorporated the flagstone walkways, brick patio and winding paths...are just incredible. I'm glad my wife talked me into this project.

    -Edward MC.