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Wisteria Landscapers strives to truly listen to each customer.  We want to fully understand your desires, thereby allowing us to focus on meeting the objectives of your project.  Our design process will ensure you receive a high-end landscape design and installation, with total unsurpassed quality and value-added service.


Formal, classical, cottage style, or native natural – whatever your style is, we will work hand in hand with you to bring wonder and joy to your property by developing unique garden landscapes and soothing outdoor living spaces.  By combining your landscape needs with plants that are site-specific and thrive naturally in our climate, our goal is to create inviting long-term plant communities that are ecologically sound.  Such landscapes need less pesticide and chemical fertilizer, require less watering and attract more beneficial birds and insects instead of pests.  This approach promotes the continued health of your landscape and our environment.


The skillful arrangement of landscape features such as flagstone walkways, cedar plank terraces, artful lighting and calming pools of water, provides an elegant frame for the softer elements of your landscape.  Material selection will compliment the architecture of your home or building, respond to its context and can even assist in reducing rainwater runoff.  Larger sites, especially commercial or institutional properties, can even reduce permitting and stormwater management requirements by integrating certain types of permeable hardscape materials.

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