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Arboricultural services

Unhealthy trees can threaten even the most serene setting.  Stressful conditions such as disease or storm damage can weaken tree’s limbs and attack its root system, leading to its demise and potential property damage.

As a full-service tree company, we have the expertise to restore the health of all your trees.  Our long-term, holistic approach to tree, shrub and vine care emphasizes the natural promotion of plant health, using disease-symptom applications only as a last resort.

Our arboricultural services:

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of plant stresses, disease and decay
  • Innovative disease and pest control programs
  • Detailed tree conservation programs
  • Deadwood removal
  • Weak and diseased branch removal
  • Tree removal from delicate, difficult or dangerous sites
  • Proper tree fertilization, including vertical mulching
  • Shaping
  • Organic-only programs
  • Woodland, old field and meadow restoration
  • Exotic invasive control of poison ivy, vines, multiflora rose and weed trees
  • Lightning protection systems for trees within 25 feet of dwellings
  • Tree sling and cable installation for weak branches

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